Cowboys in Paradise, a Documentary film about Balinese Gigolo

Cowboys in Paradise, a Documentary film about Balinese Gigolo

Kuta Bali, IndonesiaHi girls! Where are you from? I think I know you from the last night…..I love you!

That was the sound from the documentary trailer of ‘Cowboys in Paradise‘ when it is opened. That sentence comes from the mouth of a local man burly, dark, and bare-chested called Beach Boys.

Now the documentary film director, Amit Virmani, worried about the safety of children that beach so the film became a hot conversation in Bali.

“I am really worried about the safety of people in the movie and the youth who are at the beach,” said Amit, as reported by ABC News, quoting Reuters, Wednesday (28/04/2010).

On Monday, April 26, Kuta Beach Task Force raided the ‘dark-skinned, muscular man’ following the issue of a gigolo who appeared in the film work of Amit. The result, 28 men and one woman with no identity was arrested. Most of them are not native Balinese. After the raid, the Kuta beach on Tuesday, April 27, deserted from the beach boys.

Amit believes the phenomenon of gigolo on the beach is not unique in Bali; the island is also famous for its Hindu temples, volcanoes and rice fields.

“The cowboy was not a threat to tourists. What happens between adults is their own affair,” he said.


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