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Cowboy Etiquette

Most people would not automatically conclude that the cowboys have the attitude, but in my days, most cowboys are considered true gentlemen. The hat tip for women is still valid in many cases, but let us examine some lesser-known forms of etiquette cowboy.

Growing up on a ranch in NE New Mexico brought a lot of lessons in cowboy behavior, many are still alive in today's environment is less formal. To go to a dance in the most meaningful leave your hat on the table when you dance (backwards, of course, to protect the edges). Spurs have never worn on the dance floor, even if you feel that they look cool.
This code is even more obvious when out working on the farm. We who are fortunate enough to live, learn lessons, sometimes the hard way. One way to insult productive cowboy is sure to rise in front of him, or between him and his flock.

When the animal collection, the riders gathered in the meadow in a similar way with enemy forces in the vicinity. Dropping off the rider to one end of the pasture was fully covered, they met together in one large circle and remain in the same formation, as the loop toward the corral or cattle squeeze your gateway. A cowboy is out of this formation is in for a difficult time.

This may call for some difficult decisions, especially if you were riding next to someone who does not know what they're doing. This is considered to be ok, though, if the animal is preparing to leave, to close the gap by riding in front of someone, however, you need to apologize as soon as possible.