Tight Western Jeans

Tight Western JeansIt seems to me that the term western and the term jeans go very well together. This could be because we know that it is very common knowledge that jeans is a working type of clothing, or rather, jeans started off as a clothing used for workers and other physical labor. We can also attribute the term western to the wild west and early western America where the land was worked and so were the guns. It is kind of natural to put hard working and western together to come up with a pair of jeans that is classified as western.

But what does that mean? And what does do these type of jeans actually look like? Well, as it so happens the mens jeans are a little bit baggy. This could be so that they are comfortable when they do work. Womens jeans are a little bit different to the male counterparts, they happen to be tight. It could be so that the jeans do not get in the way when they try to get onto a horse. Or it could be because they would not be doing such physical labor as the men. They might but not necessarily in jeans.
Tight Western Jeans
Tight Western Jeans
When it comes to seeing western jeans we should go to some source that is more obvious than the internet. We could have a look at country and western musicians. Having a look there gives us the same results. Baggy looking jeans on the men, but so baggy that they look like rappers, and tight jeans on women. Seems this is the trend for almost any style and type of jeans available on the market these days. There are some variations though when it comes to wash and color as is the case with every other genre of jeans, if we could call it that.

As we can see from this article, western jeans are really no different from any other type of jeans. There are just so many available to us now that it is very difficult to differentiate and name them anything specific. We see men wearing loose fitting and women wearing tight, mostly. And there is always so many colors for every style available to us as well. There is definitely some long standing relationship with westerns and working the land and jeans and so it look like we like classifying a jean as western even though there really is no such thing.


leo said...

Western jeans had always been a favorite of mine since it was introduced. I like the fit and the cut.

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