Western Show Clothing

Have you ever noticed that the western show clothing at a horse show seems like a mounted fashion show? There is so much variety in the styles and colors that exhibitors choose it can be difficult to decide what works best for you.
Western Show Clothing
Fashions for western classes seem to change every year and it can be difficult to keep up with the Jones', especially if they are on horseback. By keeping a few simple rules in mind for the classes you plan on showing in, and you choose colors and patterns that are flattering the whole process of picking the right outfit is much easier than it seems.

Below we will be discussing a few of those simple class guidelines and recommendations you should consider when picking out your next piece of western show clothing.
Western Show Clothing
What Outfit Do You Need For Showmanship & Halter?

Both showmanship and halter classes require you to show your horse in-hand. This means the two of you will be up close and personal with the judge, well depending on how well mannered your horse tends to be.

In showmanship, your horse is more of a prop and the judge focuses on you and your ability to execute a pattern. Since the judging is emphasized more on the visitor, it is a good idea to choose an outfit that may minimize actions occurring at your hands and legs. For this reason, darker shades are typically used. You will likely find lighter colors in the show ring, but keep in mind that these lighter colors tend to emphasize movement.

You also want to make sure that you present yourself in a solid clean line, so your pants should match your top to avoid cutting your overall picture in half. Two different colors would also draw more attention to one half or the other which is not good in a showmanship pattern.

In halter the judge focuses on the horse. It is 100% (for the most part) on conformation and your horse either has it or he doesn't. For this reason you will likely see more of a variety in exhibitor apparel. Some show in a showmanship outfit, while others will pair a halter jacket with a pair of black pants or even jeans.


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