Cowboy Gear

Cowboy Gear
Cowboy Gear
Cowboy Gear
The "Old West" has always held a unique fascination for many people. Whether it is the memories of watching "The Lone Ranger", "Roy Rogers" or later on "Gunsmoke" and "Bonanza", or just the idea of the "free spirit" type of life led by the cowboy, this fascination has led to a renewed interest in collecting the gear of the Cowboy.

What are the types of cowboy gear that people like to collect and how were they important to the cowboy?

The saddle was probably the cowboy's most important piece of gear. He could carry everything he owned and needed on his saddle. There are a large number of makers of saddles and styles of saddles to choose from. Anything from old cavalry saddles to Mexican style saddles to roping saddles and more can be found to collect. Especially collectible are the ornately designed saddles. The better the condition of the saddle, the more valuable it will be.
Cowboy GearCowboy Gear
Bits, of course, were important for controlling and managing cowboy's horses. Bits and bridles also can be found in a large array of styles. The ornate, silver decorated bits are the most desirable bits to collect as are bits made by certain craftsmen. One can still spot a large number of decorative, vintage style bits being used on horses in modern day Western Parades and Rodeos.

Cowboy Spurs are probably the most popular cowboy gear collectible there is. Spurs also were made in a large array of styles and materials. Although they were strictly functional in controlling the horse, they were also viewed by many cowboys as a personal decorative style of their own. Although bits can be as ornate and decorative as spurs, spurs just seem to make better conversation pieces and are more popular to collect. Many make great decorative items for the home.

There are many other pieces of cowboy gear that also are highly collectible. Western Belt Buckles, although not as historical as the items above are very sought after by collectors.

Things like vintage cowboy
clothing and cowboy boots are also items that are great to collect. A lot of the collectible boots and clothing styles are influenced by the Western Movie industry - which brings us to another great collectible. Western movie memorabilia is highly sought after especially by the baby boomers who were raised in the era of "The Lone Ranger", "Gunsmoke" and many other well known TV Series and Movies of that era.

Collecting Western cowboy gear is a fun hobby and a great way to bring a little of the cowboy life style into your life.


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